Re: Shader spéculaire Lafortune, tous les bugs corrigés, patch dispo !

Posté par Pixelvore le 1/8/2008 9:26:18
@Blendman : je sais pas, on verra bien, après tout c'est tout bonus ce que j'ai codé, donc j'imagine que ça passera C'est pas comme si je décidais de réagencer la moitié de l'interface...

Et sinon, hackira, y'a aussi moyen de faire ça en ligne de commande, t'embête pas avec TortoiseSVN.
Citation :
In order to apply the changes stored in a patch file to your checkout of the Blender source code you need to use the following command in your blender root directory. Note: This requires that patch is installed.

patch -p0 < mypatch.txt

You will then be given an indication of whether or not the operation was a success. If it was not, there are many possibilities as to why your source code was incompatible with the source code the patch was created against. It is best to contact the author to be sure you both have an updated version of sources or edit the resulting files manually to be sure everything is as it should be. Be warned! This can be a time consuming and frustrating process. You can immediately undo the changes made by a match by using the -R switch as shown below, again from the root directory:

patch -p0 -R < mypatch.txt

This generally will be enough to revert your sources to their previous state.


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