Re: Groupe de travail pour la traduction du Blender Mag

Posté par _tibo_ le 25/11/2005 18:42:32
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Dear BlenderArt team,

We are some french-speaking Blender users, and we belong to a french community, Le BlenderClan. We recently read the first issue of BlenderArt, and we liked the concept of a magazine about our favorite 3D software.

We think that it would be great, with your authorization, to translate BlenderArt in french. Of course we know that english is a almost-universal langage, but our experience show us that a lot of french-speaking blender users don't speak english very well, or simply prefear not to read a document that isn't wrote in french.

Of course, if you give us your authorization, you will keep a total control on your magazine ! We just want to do a faithful translation. If you agree, it would be easier for us if you send us the original file (not in pdf), that we can edit.

We hope you will agree ! In any case, we wish you will publish a lot of issues in the future ! And be sure we will submit you differents sorts of contributions for futures editions !

j'ai ajouté la phrase en italique, et corrigé les 'f'. Je pense que c'est ok ?

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