Re: Blender 2.7x : actus, tests, feedback...

Posté par ebrain le 5/1/2014 18:23:17
Compte-rendu du dimanche !

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- The last week of 'BCon 2', next week we should have all new code projects in Master.

- Sergey Sharybin wrote doc for his work on threaded Object updating:
He still looks for cool example files. More user docs, tutorial vids, etc welcome too.

- Jonathan Williams made proposal for UI target work, roadmap:
Meeting proposes Jonathan to separately meet with Brecht van Lommel, William Reynish and Sebastian Koenig on this to evaluate and confirm.

- Release target "Custom normals" - is this going to be moved to 2.71? Bastien Montagne knows, please let us know!

- Brecht added a special category to list showstopper bugs for the upcoming release:

À noter, la nouvelle Toolbar à onglets verticaux a été implémentée .

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