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Hi all,

Here are the notes from today's meeting in, #blendercoders.

1) Upcoming 2.70 release.

- Planning is still the same:

- We moved to BCon4 level today. That means - only bug fixing!

- Sergey Sharybin checks on report for speed regression with threaded updates, will work on that this week.

- Also reported, UI for image window has problems still:

- Release blocker bugs:

- Tamito Kajiyama worked with Campbell on the Python issue with non-latin fonts. Campbell found it's a bug in 3.3, but fixed in Python 3.4 (not officially released yet).
Suggestion is to not release with a new Python now, but provide it as official testbuild instead.

- Martijn Berger would like to see an official testbuild for MSVC 2013 as well.

- Ton Roosendaal: we need a new splash! The 2.6x series was done by either open movie teams, or by teams on invitation (who appointed/invited next teams). Any suggestions for how to handle 2.7x splashes? Do another call on

- Test build call will be on wednesday UTC daytime.

- Everyone who's under BF/BI contract will focus on bugfixing the coming week. Sergey will help by ruthlessly assigning everyone their share of reports!

2) Other projects

- Thomas Dinges worked on Cycles standalone last week:
He suggested to give Cycles an own git project. Is being reviewed how to handle this efficiently. Brecht van Lommel doesn't think it's needed to remove it from Blender's source tree, there's a way to have both.

- Lukas Toenne reports he completed first stage of compositing code cleanup. It needs to be checked by the current owners of the code (Jeroen Bakker and Monique Dewanchand). Is a topic for after the release.



Cycles s’émancipe !
A part ça, y'a-t-il des candidats sur le pour la splash screen de la 2.70 ? Release historique tout de même

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