Re: Blender 2.7x : actus, tests, feedback...

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1) Blender 2.70 release candidate

- This week we'll do the 2.70 RC. Build 'ahoy' will be done wednesday.

- Remember: we now make 'release candidates' complete with splash and correct release number, as if it's a real release. Git 'master' gets copied to an release branch, where bug fixes will be ported to for the final release.
That means that within a day after the 'Ahoy' development can continue as usual.

- Brecht van Lommel and Campbell Barton coordinate release and logs.

- Sergey Sharybin will do the git branching & tagging magic.

- Ton Roosendaal will provide a splash, made by the Gooseberry project.

- For now: only total crucial fixes, also no UI label changes (for translations).

- Python Numpy module will only be in Linux/OSX builds. Windows NumPy compiling has issues to tackle still. Martijn Berger will do an attempt to get it solved though.

- Campbell proposes to include the Python 'requests' module (to handle http). This is needed to make the add-on from SketchFab to work, but it's a generic module useful for everyone.

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