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1) 2.70 release review

- Last week 2.70 got released! Kudos for everyone who helped making it possible.

- Sergey Sharybin found already five commits/fixes he considers to be important enough to add in an update release. Bug tracker reports now also keep streaming in.

- As usual - testing is our weakest point, even when we do many Release Candidates. Best feedback we get is on actual releases...

- Two proposals: 1) do an 'a' release in a few weeks. 2) do a real 2.71 in 3-4 weeks, without or with minimal new features. Next week the topic will come back.

2) 2.71 development targets

- Meeting spent some time on filling in the targets and target candidates:

- Once we decide on an 'a' release (or not), the planning for 2.71 will be defined.

- Lukas Toenne: Compositor code cleaning was reviewed and approved by maintainers.

- Then a lot of time was spent on reviewing the status of supporting Windows XP, also related to moving from VC2008 to VC2013 compiler.
Decision was to have the Windows platform maintainers together define a proposal.

3) Other projects

- Google Summer of Code submission deadline was last friday. Aspiring mentors now review the proposals. As usual, by Google convention, proposals and reviews are kept private - unless a student makes it public (like in our wiki). Total submissions this year: 35.

- Amount of 'slots' will be defined by Google in 2 weeks, based on our reviews and requested amount - using a secret formula


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