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1) Blender 2.70 Release update?

- List of fixes sofar is huge. Meeting agrees on doing a 2.70a update.

- Some Mac OSX users (10.8 especially) reported slow sculpting in 2.70. This is most likeley related to multithreading (OpenMP) not working then. However, it's unclear still when slowdown happens, and when it is normal. Might well be also related to a specific .blend setup.

Jens Verwiebe does a cal for careful tests! Compare sculpting speed of 2.69 with 2.70 - and report back when this is same or not. Mentioning OS X version, gfx cards. Provide .blend.

You can post reports here too:

- Next sunday meeting we check status again, a 2.70a release might happen on April 10 then.

2) Plans for 2.71

- Projects and planning:

- Bastien Montagne is still fighting with FBX to do decent animation export:

3) Other projects, GSoC

- Reviewing of proposals is in progress, google allows us 2 more weeks before allocating slots to orgs.


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