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1) Blender 2.79 targets

- The targets list:

- The PBVH vertex/weight paint branch will be applied after release.

- "Filmic Blender" OpenColorIO config... Sergey Sharybin will ask Brecht van Lommel.
It's just not trivial to do in nice backward compatible ways. OCIO lib needs update as well.

- Head mounted display (openhmd support) will stay in a branch for a while. That enables the
team to keep updating frequently this year, without depending on releases. Branch + binaries
will be promoted on

- We do another attempt to move to BCon3 (testing/fixing period) next week!

- (Added issue) we will need a splash for 2.79! Suggestion: ask the studio of Blender Institute
to make one based on latest open movie short "Agent 327", which will release in May.

2) Blender 2.8

- There was not much news to mention. Most work that's being done is very technical.
(OpenGL porting).

- Old "texface" might go completely, still problems with particles for it.

3) Other projects

- This Thursday Google will announce the students who get a summer of code grant.

Voilą, bonne semaine ą vous !

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