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1) Blender 2.79 release

- Test build 2 ready!

- The first 2.79 release candidate then can be made after next Sunday, just in time for Siggraph.

- Release log is shaping up. Thanks Brecht van Lommel and Vuk Gardašević (lijenstina):

- Tracker, tracker, tracker! Everyone help!

2) Blender 2.8

- Everyone's very happy with the attention for the 2.8 viewport project! Keep the demos coming.

- We expect more demos and feedback on the new workspaces, layers, depsgraph, grease pencil, asset manager and manipulators in the coming months.

- Freestyle for 2.8 - Ton Roosendaal will check with Tamito Kajiyama.

- Tomorrow the crew will send a detailed 2.8 planning/report, as usual.

3) Google Summer of Code

- Reminder: if you need test builds, any committer use buildbot to make a build with a patch:

- In a week reviews for the 2nd evaluation starts. Students should be able to show first working
prototypes or tests. Share screenshots or (youtube) videos on your wiki!

Avec la principale information de la journée qui est la nouvelle version de Test 2.79 : .
Merci de tester si possible dès maintenant .

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