Re: Blender 2.8x : Actus, tests, feedback..

Posté par Thewada le 18/5/2019 17:36:22
J'ai trouvé ça pour ton problème:
In Blender2.7x it was too easy to accidentally register multiple classes with the same name.

To prevent collisions 2.8x enforces naming conventions (already in use across much of Blender's code-base)

This constraint applies to the bl_idname of each class (or the class name which is used if no bl_idname is defined in the class).

These are: UPPER_CASE_{SEPARATOR}_mixed_case, in the case of a menu the regular expression is:

Each classes separator is listed below:

Header -> HT
Menu -> MT
Operator -> OT
Panel -> PT
UIList -> UL
Valid Examples:
PANEL123_PT_myPanel (lower case is preferred but mixed case is supported).

At time of writing names that don't conform to this convention will warn on startup. Eventually we will make this into an error, eg:
Warning: 'Oscurart Files Tools' doesn't contain '_PT_' with prefix & suffix
Warning: 'Oscurart Overrides' doesn't contain '_PT_' with prefix & suffix
Warning: 'Oscurart Animation Tools' doesn't contain '_PT_' with prefix & suffix

Ca semble bien être un problème d'add-on en tout cas. Faudrait revoir toutes les déclarations de classes et pas le faire avant la sortie definitive de la 2.8.

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