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Posté par LadeHeria le 2/3/2010 12:07:26
Pour ceux qui connaisent, une nouvelle version de Sculptris est sortie : regardez ici :

Ce qui a changé :
Citation :
Notable changes:
- Tablet pressure support
- Alternative brush control menu (press Alt)
- Improved flatten and pinch tools
- Some bugfixes (should not crash quite as much)
- It's a little bit faster

Less notable but still interesting:
- Press L to set light direction in shaderless mode
- Press K to enable/update sculpt bumpmap (taron!) - Shift+K to disable again
- Improved material mapping, should render horizon/rim properly
- Pretty background gradient/texture (you can edit this)

Check documentation.txt for more information. Some controls have changed to make tablet control more convenient.

I've fixed a specific crash bug that should make it easier to export OBJ meshes, but unfortunately it's a bit of a workaround and the bad geometry still happens. There's also a slightly different but similar bug that will still cause it to crash (seems like this will happen when you get small holes at the symmetry line).


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